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Sarment Dore

From France to Kansas...

Being able to bring old world wines to the United States is a blessing for which I am grateful every day. A love for wine is in our blood from Italy to France - two countries known for producing the best wine for generations.

My name is Karl Calini. I was born in France, my grandparents in Italy, I grew up in the Languedoc region, also called Wine lake Region. Riding my bike through the vineyards on old rock roads and being able to work in a small winery for a few francs earns you enough money to buy nonsense and candy in the village store that was pure freedom.

From adolescence on, I was interested in American football, movies, and music. When the opportunity came up to study abroad, I took it, and I was placed in a home in the middle of the United States in a place I only knew about from the Wizard of Oz: Kansas City. During high school there I met my wife and it was love at first sight. After 20 years, we are still passionately in love and have two amazing kids.

Sarment Doré was created with my best friend from childhood, Jeremy Martin. After his love for the Movie Top Gun, he became a commander in the French Air Force.

Jeremy's family has cultivated vineyards for over 5 generations, He began studying wine and learning the art of a sommelier. Jeremy has three more years in the air force and is working on growing his family winery.

The Calini group has a portfolio of wineries in France, Italy , South Africa, Australia, and Argentina.

Our joy is in bringing you interesting and extraordinary wines...