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Le French Frog

Life is easy for Le French Frog who lives in the wine lake region of Southern France, where one third of the world’s wine is born.  he brings you a piece of that happiness in the delicious varieties chosen from his sunny home on the Mediterranean French coast.


lff_cabernetThis Cabernet is fresh and fruity with ripe black cherry tannins and hints of rosemary. Drink on its own or pair with fresh cheeses, chocolate desserts, or autumn pies.

lff_merlotThis merlot is rich and smooth with depth from red cassis and cedar. Possible accompaniments: blue cheese or braised chicken. 
lff_chardonnayThis Chardonnay is buttery and smooth with traces of banana, apple and pineapple. Best served with fish or pasta in a creamy sauce or with a winter soup. 
lff_moscatoThis earthy Viogner finishes smooth and crisp with hints of peach, pear and lemon.  Best served with fish, shellfish or fresh vegetables. 
lff_pinotThis Pinot Noir is smooth and inviting with layers of Rainer cherry and cranberry. Drink on its own or pairs with Sautéed or stuffed mushrooms, Steak, or roast duck. 
lff_redThis spicy Grenache-Syrah blend is exotic and full bodied with cherry, blackberry and white peppery anise. Best served with roasts or stews cooked using Herbes de Provence. 
lff_roseThis spicy Grenache is exotic and full bodied with cherry, and blackberry. Best served with chill. 

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Captain Wings

From France to Kansas...

Being able to bring old world wines to the United States is a blessing for which I am grateful every day. A love for wine is in our blood from Italy to France - two countries known for producing the best wine for generations.

My name is Karl Calini. I was born in France, my grandparents in Italy, I grew up in the Languedoc region, also called Wine lake Region. Riding my bike through the vineyards on old rock roads and being able to work in a small winery for a few francs earns you enough money to buy nonsense and candy in the village store that was pure freedom.

From adolescence on, I was interested in American football, movies, and music. When the opportunity came up to study abroad, I took it, and I was placed in a home in the middle of the United States in a place I only knew about from the Wizard of Oz: Kansas City. During high school there I met my wife and it was love at first sight. After 20 years, we are still passionately in love and have two amazing kids.

Captain Wings was created with my lovely wife Sarah.

The match was born and her talent for choosing wine will be the delight of our customers.

The Calini group has a portfolio of wineries in France, Italy , South Africa, Australia, and Argentina.

Our joy is in bringing you interesting and extraordinary wines...



Captain Wings Sauvignon BlancCG_captain_wings_sauv_blanc_frontFruity, fresh, gooseberry aromas with ripe citrus. Typical fresh varietal characteristics of ripe figs, green pepper and gooseberries, with a long satisfying finish. 

Best served with a variety of dishes including green salads, asparagus and shellfish. 

Captain Wings ChardonnayCG_captain_wings_chardonnay_frontPale straw in colour.  Complex with rich citrus and slight apricot aromas, supported by very subtle oak and hints of vanilla.  Soft palate with lingering aftertaste.  

Excellent for picnics and lively dinners.
Compliments seafood, chicken, veal and pasta.  

Captain Wings Pinot GrigioCG_captain_wings_pinot_grigio_frontA fresh, fruity and very versatile wine with forthright apple, lime and pear flavours 

With zingy herbaceous notes and a lingering fresh finish. 

Captain Wings MoscatoCG_captain_wings_moscato_frontThis wine has lovely aromas of sweet full flavours of rich peach and floral nose   supported by a juicy fruit palate with adequate acidity on the finish for a balanced structured soft and easy palate.

Excellent for/with aperitif, spicy Asian food, dessert cheese platter.    

Captain Wings Cabernet MerlotCG_captain_wings_merlot_frontThe wine has a rich deep crimson colour. On the nose you will find a combination of prunes, spices, dark chocolate and raspberries. The palate has a smooth rich taste of cherries, raspberries and black current well integrated with the wood chariness. The wine leaves a lingering aftertaste of raspberries.

Best enjoyed with light meat salads, pasta, pizza, casseroles, pork and rich fish dishes 

Captain Wings Cabernet SauvignonCG_captain_wings_cab_sauv_frontDeep, vibrant ruby coloured, soft and juicy.  Pungent spice and fruit on nose, coupled with subtle toasty vanilla oak complimenting the blackcurrant/raspberry aromas.  

Medium bodied palate with easy tannin structure and length. 

Captain Wings PinotageCG_captain_wings_pinotage_frontThis full bodied wine has flavours of wild berries, plum, pepper and a touch of dark chocolate that complement the soft tannins to form a smooth lasting finish.

Drink on his own or pairs with cheese, stuffed mushroom, steaks or roast duck. 

Captain Wings Cabernet MerlotCG_captain_wings_cab_mer_frontComplex nose with spicy eucalyptus, baskets of ripe cherry, blackberry, and a hint of roasted spice. The soft tannins, fruit, and vanilla combine for a long, complex finish.

Drink on his own or pairs with cheese, grilled steaks, and chocolate dessert.

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Sweet Silhouette

Delight in a glass and keep your Sweet Silhouette.

Sweet Silhouette has perfected blending wine with a fruit twist to give you a refreshing new taste.

Sweet Silhouette wine was made with you in mind: sparkling and delectable with a unique sweet body. Savor the distinctive blends of Sweet Silhouette wines without compromising yourself. With half the calories of other wine, you can fully enjoy every glass.

You won’t have to compromise on anything…except maybe who gets the last glass!


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