Le French Frog

Life is easy for Le French Frog who lives in the wine lake region of Southern France, where one third of the world’s wine is born.  he brings you a piece of that happiness in the delicious varieties chosen from his sunny home on the Mediterranean French coast.


lff_cabernetThis Cabernet is fresh and fruity with ripe black cherry tannins and hints of rosemary. Drink on its own or pair with fresh cheeses, chocolate desserts, or autumn pies.

lff_merlotThis merlot is rich and smooth with depth from red cassis and cedar. Possible accompaniments: blue cheese or braised chicken. 
lff_chardonnayThis Chardonnay is buttery and smooth with traces of banana, apple and pineapple. Best served with fish or pasta in a creamy sauce or with a winter soup. 
lff_moscatoThis earthy Viogner finishes smooth and crisp with hints of peach, pear and lemon.  Best served with fish, shellfish or fresh vegetables. 
lff_pinotThis Pinot Noir is smooth and inviting with layers of Rainer cherry and cranberry. Drink on its own or pairs with Sautéed or stuffed mushrooms, Steak, or roast duck. 
lff_redThis spicy Grenache-Syrah blend is exotic and full bodied with cherry, blackberry and white peppery anise. Best served with roasts or stews cooked using Herbes de Provence. 
lff_roseThis spicy Grenache is exotic and full bodied with cherry, and blackberry. Best served with chill. 

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